Student Projects and Theses

We are constantly offering topics for Bachelor and Master theses, Master projects, or student research projects with topics related to computer graphics, computer vision and human computer interaction. The only prerequisites are solid programming knowledge and enthusiasm for a specific topic. Do not hesitate to contact Prof. Schwanecke for setting up a project. You can catch a glimpse on the range of the different topics by browsing the list of finished theses or master projects, looking at our research pages, watching the project videos, our youtube channel, or rummaging the list of new topics below. Elaborations should be done with Latex. Thereby your are pleased to use the template we prepared.

New Topics for Bachelor and Master Theses as well as Master Projects

Below you find a list of possible topics for Bachelor and Master theses. If you are interested in working on one of the topics, please contact us. However, you are not restricted to one of these topics. If you have an own idea for a project you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your thoughts.

  • Calibration Tool for Multiple Camera Systems
  • Mobile 3D-Display
  • Depth from Defocus
  • Active Wavefront Sampling
  • Klassifikation von Bewegungsdaten
  • SLAM-Algorithmen zur Mulitcoptersteuerung
  • Echtzeitrendering von Zähnen
  • Visualisierung von Fishpopulationsentwicklungen